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Planning your Bachelorette Party Games well in advance of the Event is always a good idea. Some games take a while to get ready - so the sooner you plan, the better! You'll need to remember that not everyone on the Bachelorette Party will want to play loud/drinking games, so a game www.tfonlinejewelry.net/ like "Candy Eating Necklace" is perfect as it gives the quieter people in the group a chance to get involved, without feeling uncomfortable.

Everyone loves eating candy, and you can make a fun Party Game out of eating candy necklaces that you had when you were a child. This game will stretch your neck and your nostalgia as you have fun eating candy off each other's necks!


Buy everyone coming to the Bachelorette Party a candy necklace. You'll also want some damp towels so that everyone can wipe off the www.tfonlinejewelry.net/tiffany-earrings.html candy that they are sure to get all over their necks. Make sure you've got a hover handy if you're playing this game at home - as it can sometimes get messy!

How to Play

   * Split everyone into two teams and then have each person put a candy necklace around their neck.
   * Everyone has to put their hands behind their back and keep them there for the whole game.
   * At the same time, have everyone try to eat all the candy off of the necks of everyone on their team. Remember that you can't use your hands at all in the game, just your mouth. The first team to finish is the winner!
   * This game can also be done by having everyone work with just a single partner rather than a whole team.

Yet another idea for this game is to challenge total strangers to the game if you're out and about for your Bachelorette Party. You can be sure that will make a lasting impression on everyone at your Bachelorette Party and on the people you meet as well!

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